YANA (You Are Never Alone) is a Comprehensive Social Model women’s recovery home. YANA offers a supportive living environment for women recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. We believe an important part of recovery is addressing mental health issues. A safe structured living environment and a healthy proactive approach to “Recovery” is our focus. “Recovery” is a personal journey that may involve developing hope, a secure base, and sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and meaning.

Yana’s homelike community based atmosphere is conducive to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of the women who live here. We offer advanced and effective therapeutic methods designed to address the individual as well as the group needs of our residents. YANA fills a void desperately needed for women in the early stages of “Recovery”.

YANA in the NEWS:
You Are Never Alone at YANA House (Dec 2010)
Reach of recovery homes group extends to half the states (Sept 2012)


P.O. Box 90582 • Nashville, TN 37209
PH: 615-383-2755 • FAX: 615-383-2577


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